14.09.2022, 17:41

They say they will make the payment within 5-10 minutes. As a result, I have been waiting for more than 25 minutes and still haven't received the money. Also, after 20 minutes they wrote to me that I will receive less money, because the rate has changed. Disgusting exchanger. Do not use it.

Administration comment:

Dear Client,

We are sorry to hear your negative experience. However we would like to remind you that the amount you have exchanged is very small and only Xenex was offering such low amount exchange for the direction in top 15 positions and secondly we have paid you $1.263 higher than all other markets because of our favourable exchange rate and paid transaction fees ourselves as agreed yet you were unhappy and we are sorry for that. As for writing you, we did not find any support request from you but yes our rate is only fixed after getting necessary confirmations which your order got 6 minutes after the order creation. We value all our clients and hope that you will be happy with your future exchanges.

Best regards,
Xenex LLC Team

27.07.2022, 13:43

I have made a payment but didnt make it within 20 minutes.
After i reached the support, they made a full refund to my wallet.
Great service. Thank you.

27.07.2022, 00:00

I sent money and my order got deleted. Whats going on?

27.06.2022, 22:25

clear interface, got exchange fast

08.12.2021, 17:20

very good survice.

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