AML (Anti Money Laundering) is process of transformation of money which have been received in association with illegal activity (corruption, hacking, fraud, terrorism, etc.) or investments of any sort which in turn have a lawful appearance for full or partial concealment or distortion of the real sources of an origin of this money.

Xenex LLC reserves the right to apply AML/KYC procedure to certain users, addresses and particular crypto transactions and assets. AML/KYC policy is aimed at preventing and mitigating possible risks of Xenex LLC being involved in money laundering as well as any other illegal activities.

Within AML/KYC procedure Xenex LLC takes the following measures:

1. Collect necessary documents for the transaction and implementation of verification of identification data of the client according to the KYC Policy.

2. Monitor all suspicious operations of the clients.

3. During the AML/KYC procedure, we reserve the right to freeze and withhold your exchange transaction for any length of time necessary to complete the investigation and AML/KYC procedure. If you do not complete or pass the AML/KYC procedure Xenex LLC has the right to terminate the execution of your transactions.

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07.12.2022, 13:33